Elena Alvarez-Buylla Roces

photo of Elena Alvarez-Buylla Roces


Elena Alvarez-Buylla Roces is a professor of Ecology at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) and is presently combining experimental, evolutionary and dynamic modeling approaches to address questions on the genetic interactions that govern plant development and the evolution of plant form. She is very interested in gaining a deeper and more technical view of dynamic non-linear models that may be useful tools for understanding how genetic variation maps onto phenotypic variation. A biologist by training, plants have always been the main source of inspiration in her scientific career, but by taking a few courses in mathematics and acquiring some computational tools she is able to apply these skills in the different biological areas in of her experience. These range from population dynamics and genetics of tropical forest trees to the field that now occupies most of my research efforts: molecular genetics and evolution of plant developmental mechanisms. Our experimental work focuses on Arabidopsis and Lacandonia schismatica and our main molecular focus is around MADS box genes.